That Awkward Moment When – 2nd Edition

That awkward moment when:

You realize the woman who had been on the treadmill next to you is now lounging, watching the trashy television show she put on from directly behind your rear end while you are working it out on the elliptical machine.

I am sweating it out, gasping for air, and she’s chortling behind me and having a good ol’ time. It was so disconcerting I almost fell off the elliptical in spectacular fashion.

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable lounging in your home watching these bitches yell at each other on t.v.? No? Can we at least offer you a refreshing beverage then? 

I mean, seriously. Does my giant ass in faded, stretchy, yoga pants somehow add to the show for you? I’ll bet it does!

**Disclaimer: I am not disparaging myself. I actually love my butt, but I still think it could block out most of a t.v. screen, ya know?


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