Bacon-Flavored What!!??

So, this morning is one of those super irritating days at the office. I was supposed to have the day off and sacrificed it so others could enjoy an extra long holiday break. I’m thinking these people have to be nice to me, because after all, look what I was doing for them. 

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong, which frankly makes me very sad. I walked in to some pretty demeaning e-mails, which I won’t get into now (as I’m still a current employee as opposed to a left-in-a-blaze-of-glory former employee). The point being, I was feeling pretty low. Pretty crappy about my station in life, and wondering why in hell I invested in an advanced degree and spent many years gaining management experience to end up here. Here is no good. Here is devastating, but here is so bad it’s what drives me every day to write, not only because it’s therapeutic, but because I want, I deserve so much better than this. So, one day I will be grateful for the here and now, because it is what is fueling this fire inside of me. 

Today is not that day, however. 

Today is the day I snuck over to the snack table wanting to drown my misery in booze junk food (a pretty poor office-appropriate substitute, I know). The only thing left, you ask? Why, mystery-flavored lollipops. I snagged one without looking at it, thinking it was all a big joke. Who makes lollipops flavored like dinner foods?

Well, let me tell you, I was wrong. Again! I can now attest that there are few things in life as disgusting as bacon-flavored lollipops. 

So, lesson learned: As a vegetarian, bacon-flavored lollipops might not be the worst thing to hit you today, but they’re probably the grossest. I’m going to remember this disgusting snack next time someone treats me like a lesser being, just because they can. I’m going to remind myself there’s no comfort to be had in mystery-flavored snacks.

That said, there had better be a BIG glass of wine waiting for me at home tonight. 


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