Dating Sunday – I’ve Already Missed The Boat

So, apparently yesterday was “dating Sunday” – the biggest and best day of the year to meet someone special – and I totally missed it.


I mean, in theory, I was going to start dating again in 2016. I was at least going to think about getting out there and dating again in 2016.

Last time it didn’t go so well. I paid for what I thought was a high-quality dating site, only to end up feeling like this expensive site was matching me with every troll living under the bridge, so to speak. They weren’t attractive and they did not have intelligent or interesting things to say about themselves. I was, uhh, not flattered, to say the least, that this was who their stupid algorithm thought would be good matches for me (yes, I know I sound like an uppity bitch, but there’s no avoiding it, if you’re being honest).

Either that, or I thought (and still do wonder) that perhaps any age-appropriate and desirable man is long off the market. Then I would channel my bat-shit crazy grandmother and hear her in my head telling me that I had waited too long and I had gotten what I deserved. After all, she had warned me at the age of twenty-two that I was getting too old to meet someone and that I would end up alone. At the age of 22.

So, what to do, other than set aside your hesitations and get to know some of these guys, you know? I sincerely hoped rather than expected that some of them would have a little spark of life once I met them in-person.

Unfortunately, when you find yourself out on dates with men who garner nicknames from you and your girlfriends such as “meat sweats” and “still married!” I think you have every right to question the value of that pricey dating site.

You know, now that I am writing this, I am starting to wonder whether missing the boat on this whole 2016 dating thing isn’t actually in my best interest after all.



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