Public Service Announcement: The Demise of the Man Bun

Breaking news, everyone!

I have heard – wait for it – that the MAN BUN is no longer the trendy hairstyle for men. Gasp! Oh, the horror!

And, in truth, this might be for the best, because apparently man buns that are too tight lead to baldness. So men beware – you can go from being someone with way too much hair to being someone with way too much hair everywhere except the top of your head where it should be.

That said, I will miss the man bun. As a generalization, I despise long hair on men, and for me, this had been the acceptable work-around. It was even – dare I say it – a little sexy to me. It said, hey, I’m a little wild, and we can be a little wild together, but not until AFTER I’m done at my high-power, corporate day job where I get paid loads of money for wearing this polished suit and plastering a thoughtful look on my face during boring meetings  

Alas, sometimes great things aren’t meant to last forever. No, no ladies – BRACE YOURSELVES! The new hairstyle for men is . . . drumroll, please . . . THE BRAID! Yes, like the french braid, pigtail braids, or even . . . the Heidi braid.

Ummmmm, okay then. Still processing this. Thus far it’s not bringing sexy thoughts to mind as much as it’s bringing cringing, nightmare images of men squeezed into too-small lederhosen and knee-high socks. Umm, Yodelayheehoo!!?


3 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: The Demise of the Man Bun

  1. Wait… a braid? That’s disturbing as hell. And very feminine. At least the bun was basically just piled onto their heads with little effort. But braiding is a little girly to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with girly men… just not my personal taste haha.


    1. Not for me either! I believe I even saw a pic of a guy with small flowers weaved into his Heidi braid. He looked like a five year old girl from neck up, but with the body of an adult man. The new centaur – not half man/ half horse, but half man/ half little girl. Yikes!

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