Random Thoughts On Wasted Hours At The Office and Modeling 

So, they’re presently fixing my work laptop for the second time this week and about the hundredth time this year (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration), instead of just giving me my new one which for some odd reason they’re holding hostage in storage. They’re actually trying to make this ancient one hang in there for six more months, even though they have replaced every part of it twice over with refurbished bits and the thing is still a piece of crap requiring weekly maintenance. 

But annoying and illogical as this game is, it does leave me ample amounts of time to just sit here trying to keep my eyes pried open with no way to even pretend I’m checked in and/or working hard for the whole two other people who might show up to the office on any given day and might even care whether or not my time here is productive. My thought is that if there were any genuine concern, they would get me a working computer so I didn’t lose hours every week to maintenance. 

So, in lieu of sleeping at a random desk while mine is occupied, I’m sitting here writing this ol’ blog thinking about modeling (because that’s not random at all), and more particularly about boys modeling women’s clothing. I don’t know how others feel about it, but I’m genuinely curious to know. I think where I come down on it is this: if we’re trying to break down norms and stereotypes than that’s a positive step for society. My increasingly standard fare of jeans and a t-shirt would’ve been considered extremely masculine not too long ago (when it should just be considered lazy, in my case), so who am I to judge anyone else on their clothing choices?

But, if this is yet another opportunity to tell women that their bodies should be as thin and boyish as that of male children/teenagers that have barely entered puberty, than I OBJECT!! I’m relatively tall and thin, but there will never be, for the rest of my days, a time when my body could be mistaken for a boy’s. I can’t fit into clothes that don’t allow room for my hips, butt, or chest. I would have to be anorexically thin. I would have to be so unhealthy that my body reverted to its prepubescent self.  And, I find myself asking, is this really what we want women to look like? 

In other news, they’re winding down on the computer repairs an hour and a half later. And, guess what!? Yep, they swapped out all the internal parts on my little Fraken-baby once again! I really hope this thing doesn’t come to life and attack me in my sleep one of these days… 

** Update: And, just like that it’s ONE HOUR LATER and the damn thing starts flashing at me that it’s in need of updating and to call my IT department. Un-friggin-believable. 


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