National Love Your Pet Day

As if these little, wicked monsters would let us forget, right?

You know what? I want to know when it’s going to be National Love Your Person Day. That’s right, because every day is love your fluffy, shiv-wielding, misbehaving, murder-beasts day. That is my reality.

When do I get a day when they take care of me? Feed me? Pick up after me? Heck, I’d settle for a National Don’t Irritate Your Human Too Much Day.

Thus far today:

  • Squeaks has shredded 3 plastic bags
  • Snugs has flattened the laptop twice
  • Squeaks has pulled off the refrigerator magnets 5 times
  • Both brats have eaten the (un)lucky bamboo a collective 17 times
  • Squeaks has knocked stuff off the closet shelf twice
  • Snugs has climbed the blinds 4 times
  • Squeaks has clawed up the sofa 11 times
  • Snugs has climbed the headboard 3 times
  • And they have both been yowling at me since 4pm, demanding the dinner I usually don’t give them until 6:30pm

And, the day’s nowhere near over yet.



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