A Fond Farewell To Cable

Well, shit. I have been in a super funk since I posted that mopey, uber-dramatic rant last week re: the employee who is putting me through hell. And, I hate not being myself. Usually I have a thousand post ideas (bitch sessions) floating around my head any given week, but this week I am just flat and boring, and well, to me that’s about the worst thing a person can be. Ugh, me.

So, I did what all sane people do to make themselves feel better – I decided to deprive myself of even more! Nothing says feel better like cutting off an arm and that’s pretty much what this feels like right now, even though I didn’t watch 95% of my cable channels anyway. I think maybe what I miss is flipping through the channels to see all the shows I am actively choosing NOT to watch? Is that a thing? Can I get meds for it?

In any case, no more cable. It was just too expensive to justify the cost, especially when I inevitably wind up on PBS most of the time anyway. It’s a funny thing, but I remember a time when I would’ve been happy to veg out in front of all those shit reality television shows or competition shows, or yet another interchangeable medical drama, but I just can’t do it anymore.

Wait one horrifying, damn minute – does this mean I am an adult now!!?? Oh, fuck me. This can’t be good for anybody.


2 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell To Cable

  1. We went to Netflix/Hulu only about 6 months ago. We’re mostly OK and still speaking. Occasionally it sucks though. We left the Super Bowl party early, saying we would catch the end at home — oops, no we won’t. We lost our nightly Jeopardy competition (I regularly kicked his ass), and I never got to see The People vs. OJ. Besides those 3 things, we’re enjoying the extra $100 a month. I am never going to watch TV on my laptop. Just not going to happen.


    1. Oh, good to know about some options! I’ve been toying with whether to do netflix or hulu and just haven’t decided yet. I’ve been okay thus far, but it’s a little sad that my current version of watching the walking dead is to get recaps at the office from someone. Probably not quite the same as watching it myself, especially since they REFUSE to act out the walker scenes for me. Damn them!


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