Sleep Like The Dead

cat-859011_1280 Last night was one of those blissful rarest of nights when I fell asleep easily. Within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow I was out cold, instead of my usual half hour of tossing and turning and cursing the day.

And then I continued to sleep. For the entire night. I mean, sure, I had my share of whacky dreams, but none of them involved me doing extensive calisthenics to flee some unknown monster through a jungle-gym maze, because that might not be normal people’s normal dream, but it is most definitely my normal dream. It was so delightful to have one night off from that nonsense, I will tell you.

Instead I woke up feeling well-rested, refreshed, and like I could tackle anything today (insert warrior rallying cry here). It was like magic. It was like finding a unicorn and a pot of gold all in the same day, except not, because I am still poor and I still don’t have a new pet unicorn that everyone else would be jealous of. I do have these dang cats though, and they are as special as special gets. I bet Snugs would wear a unicorn horn if I asked him to. Errr, maybe . . .

You bring that thing anywhere near me and I will show you the meaning of pain. 



2 thoughts on “Sleep Like The Dead

  1. Cats. Life’s greatest gifts. I SO empathize. Mine have saved my life more than once, and on the occasion that I, too, have a night of blissful sleep, I usually awaken to a fuzzy face gazing dole fully at me.


    1. Awww. They really have been a wonderful thing in my life, and certainly on tough days (like today) they’ve turned out to be the family I can rely on most. Glad yours have been a source of support too!


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