Holiday Overload

Is anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed by the number of holidays we are expected to observe and/ or celebrate?

I’m still stuck back on Earth Day, which to me couldn’t have happened any further back than yesterday, but in fact, it turns out in my hazy stupor we’ve sprinted all the way into May, and I’ve now completely missed May the Fourth Be With You Day and Cinco de Mayo. (I probably should’ve been drinking heavily for both of these holidays, right?)

I think there were also two other days of significance last week, but I can’t remember for the life of me what those actually were. Was one of them Appreciate Your Obnoxious Cat Day? Because, I’ve totally got that one covered! (Every freakin’ day of my life, actually.)

Missing nearly every holiday during the year is like having a constant reminder of how I’m just not quite on top of, well, my life.

While I won’t go into details here, part of my issue is that I don’t celebrate “family” holidays anymore. Or at least, I don’t celebrate them with another living person – not Christmas, not Thanksgiving, not my birthday (which I know seems totally pathetic to normal people, but trust me when I say it’s better than the alternative for some).

And this year, I am adding two more upcoming holidays to the list. Frankly, they’re days that I’ve always had relatively complicated feelings about anyway so it hardly matters.

And, on that sad note . . . cute cat pic!

Do something for you? Wait, are you sure Mother’s Day isn’t actually all about us? Well, shit, as long as it goes back to being Cat Day tomorrow.




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