Summer Sorta-Break

Freedom!!! Freedom!!!

When you read this, please picture me running around my home singing out in jubilation and busting out some sweet dance moves like the running man and that one that looks like a sprinkler (except maybe not when I’m doing it). For good measure, please also picture my poor neighbors rolling their eyes in exasperation and shaking their heads at their sheer misfortune for living in this overcrowded ant farm with a crazy lady.

They’ll have to deal though, because this weekend brought the sweet relief of wrapping up job #2 for a very long break. It’s about time too, because the stress of working so many thankless hours builds every year until I’m so tired I’m barely functioning. Like can’t-remember-how-old-I-am tired. Seriously. I had to call a family member to ask them for some paperwork I was filling out, as if admitting that wasn’t mortifying. So tired, I literally walked all the way out of my building to head to the office still wearing my bedroom slippers. So tired, I misplaced my wallet and didn’t even realize it until I went to buy groceries several days later, even though I’d had my purse with me everyday in the interim.

Last year I got to the point where I couldn’t make it more than a block or two from my home before I’d be dragging and gasping for air like an ancient person. I’d start fantasizing about how comfortable those dirty park benches looked. Or maybe, I’d reason, I could just lay down on that plot of grass over there next to the bus stop. Probably no one would bother me if I just curled up for a few minutes on their front lawn (they’re called garden beds for a reason, you know).

In any case, I don’t know what this summer holds, but just knowing there are some work-free days in my future makes me VERY blissfully happy. Oh wait, what’s this now?? A night I can get into bed before midnight!? Wow – I will take it! Laters y’all!



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