The Kittens Are On A Roll This Week . . .

The thing is, I had been assured, in no uncertain terms, that Mercury in retrograde is officially over as of last week.

The problem: No one told these dang fur babies of mine.

They have been particularly destructive the past few days. It’s not just that they tore big holes in the brand new shower curtain. They always do that, so while it drives me nutty, it’s to be expected. That’s their job, yo. But now, like all criminal masterminds, I fear they’ve graduated to much bigger things.

They chewed up one of my books, knocked over a plant, and I found Squeaks wearing my reusable lunch bag on his head. He tore big holes in it so it no longer keeps things cold. I found Squeaks precariously balanced on top of the flatscreen t.v. and Snugs managed to land squarely on my dinner when he leapt to the counters yesterday.

I tripped over my laptop lying in the middle of the floor at 2am Monday night. It was in a soft case so while it was still in one piece, the charger had snapped in two. I managed to dig what was still stuck in the computer out, but wondered the whole time if I was about to be electrocuted.

I had purchased a new dress that I wasn’t sure about keeping, because, it was, err, a bit tight. That said, it could just be the week, so I decided to try it on again next week before returning it. Well, it was in new condition – until I found my darling Squeaks hanging from it in the closet. It has noticeable snags right down the middle now. Because, why not destroy the dress that still has tags on it, when there are 20 dresses that could probably be donated to charity they haven’t been worn for so long still hanging right next to it in the closet?

They probably screwed up the toilet too on Friday, but there have been no confessions thus far. If you can believe it, they’re actually blaming that one on me.

My angels monstrous little beasts.

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