Catching Up

I feel like I’ve been relatively absent on this here ol’ blog of late.

Part of it is that it’s summer, and it’s two precious months off from job #2, and a much needed break from having constant work demands that can never be ignored. I am worried that if I push myself too much, blogging, writing, and editing will become just another tedious chore I don’t enjoy, or worse yet, become another source of pressure, sleepless nights, and feelings of failure.

Part of it is grand jury duty (or job #2, as I’m starting to think of it), which means I’m all the busier on the days I do work my full-time job. How does one cram five days worth of work into two without losing their mind?? Beyond that, it’s three days a week that I am sworn to secrecy regarding the things I see and hear. For a talky-talky extrovert like me, that’s torture! The cases are serious business though, and certainly would have no place on a humor blog, even if I did want to talk about them in detail.


Now, the weirdos in the jury room is another story completely. My biggest complaint about people at my full-time job is gross incompetence/ idiocy. My biggest complaint about people on the jury panel is that they couldn’t have gotten a worse mix of personalities, attitudes, patterns of behavior, and values, even if they tried. It’s a fascinating study on human nature, but damn, if it isn’t painful to watch too. I’m not particularly good at tiptoeing around others or their sensitivities (and these people are so  very delicate and fragile, as it turns out). There’s probably a hundred times each day that I have to clamp my mouth shut (after I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor), because I am literally so shocked by what they’ve said or done that I might start screaming “are you kidding me!!??” or “what is wrong with you!!??” or even “what on earth are you wearing!!??” at the top of my lungs.

On second thought, none of this makes me sound like the calm, reasonable one, does it?



2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’ve never done Jury duty – would love to, for the exact reasons you’re describing – the chance to sit in a room with a bizarre collection of argumentative, precious idiots, and watch them pick each other to pieces (I love people watching too).

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    1. It certainly is a special, special group of people. It can be entertaining (there’s lots of talk about astrology for some reason), but it’s frustrating when it appears conspiracy theories (aliens, anyone?) or their willful inability to understand the term “probable cause” is going to derail what we’re doing there.


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