Oh, The Oddity Of It All

So, you know that feeling you get when you’ve hired a truly great candidate for a job – the one with exceptional skills who also charmed you with her charisma and go-getter attitude? And then you spend the next couple of weeks between the offer and the start date congratulating yourself on your exceptional taste in employees?

Yeah, I had that moment, and what I should have learned by now in my many years of management experience is that that moment is never entirely a good sign. Not that things are beyond being salvageable, but oh my word, it is going to take all the willpower in the world not to cringe repeatedly when I’m in the presence of this person.

And, since there’s really no way to put this delicately, I’ll just throw it out there, and we can all writhe in pain together: the woman baby talks at me. It’s not that this happened one time; it’s almost every sentence she speaks to me, and it is creepy as fuck.

I think I’m in shock. Random thoughts keep hitting me, like does she think I look that young? Does she talk to everyone this way? Is this some weird manipulative trick I didn’t read about in the manager’s guide to staving off employees’ attempts to obliterate your sanity? Sigh. I’ve got way too many questions, and far too few answers at this point.




6 thoughts on “Oh, The Oddity Of It All

    1. I’m sure YOUR candidate will be absolutely perfect! And, mine’s not bad excepting this one funny trait – it’ll just take some getting used to is all. At least she seems to do it to everyone, and it’s not reserved solely for me. Then I would’ve really wondered what was up…


  1. It could be worse. Several years ago I used to commute into London each day on the train. There was a woman on the same train most mornings, who’s voice could have been used as a sound weapon – no matter how far away you were from her, you could hear her.

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    1. Oh the power train-woman must have wielded! That does sound awful. And, in all fairness my new employee seems like a nice, competent, hardworking person, so I’ve decided just to roll with it, and hope it lessens over time.


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