If That’s Not Love, Then I Don’t Know What Is

I’ll admit I’ve been a, shall we say, reluctant cat enthusiast.

So much so that I dedicated my very first blog post, and many others, to the monstrous little beasts.

They’re VERY special, obviously.

This week Snugs was curled up on my bed and looked so darn snuggly and cute that I just couldn’t help myself. I lay down, encircling him in my arms, and put my face down between us. After a long and tiring week I felt myself drifting off to sleep in the safety and security of his loving embrace. He reached out with his little white paws, and gently probed my face as if to say I’m here for you human-mama.

This. This is as real as love gets, people.

Then he slowly and intentionally pressed both paws as hard as he could against the sides of my nose, blocking both nostrils, and stifling my breathing.

Because apparently the noise or the “wind” from my breathing was irritating him. Because apparently he’d sooner murder me than put up with a few minutes of my breathing on him, because apparently human-mamas are totally replaceable.

I’m not taking it personally though, as you can clearly see.


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