And, A Dead Animal Carcass To Boot!

Well, it’s Friday! We survived the week and I got my faulty airbag replaced today, so that’s one less thing threatening to kill me every time I get behind the wheel. Although in truth, with DC tempers being what they are these days, the odds of that killing me were always pretty slim in comparison to the maniac road-ragers who swerve in and out of their lanes and run red lights, or the crazies who can’t drive more than a block without releasing a cacophony of obscenities and horn blasts and hand gestures as they go.

Tempers seem to be flaring uncontrollably this year, and it certainly isn’t restricted to the horrors of rush hour traffic. Is it just me, or does it seem like people are super judgmental these days, completely intolerant of other points-of-view and completely relentless when it comes to public shaming?

And, people seem to be particularly vocal about their opinions as well, as if of course everyone else wants to know how they feel about this controversial topic or that.

Some funny examples from my week:

There was a woman next to me in yoga class who was wearing, I kid you not, Bernie f’ing Sanders yoga pants. His face was plastered in every place you can imagine, and I wanted to say to her, Look, you may be comfortable with The Bern staring up at you from your own crotch while you stretch and what-not, but I’m not comfortable with the way he’s glaring at me from your left butt-cheek right now.

Even he was giving me a sour, judgmental look, as if my chaturangas were a HUGE (get it? 😉) let-down.

Yesterday I was driving, and couldn’t believe the outrage of the guy in front of me. He had a bumper sticker decrying the evils of same-sex marriage (complete with helpful gender symbols, I suppose, for the illiterate masses), a bumper sticker denouncing a woman’s right to choose, and to top it off, he had antlers in his back window, I guess to declare his love of killing unarmed wildlife. Now that, is a lot of opinions for one teeny little compact car.

Doesn’t this just say stick me to the back of your car?

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