directory-1187128_1920Well, there we have it – reports of evidence that our election was hijacked (in spectacular and yet-to-be-fully-disclosed fashion) by a foreign dictator. It’s not exactly unexpected, but what is stunning is the total lack of concern by so many *ahem* patriots. Don’t worry though. Presumably it’s just that their patriotism mandates supporting a FOREIGN DICTATOR’S STOOGE over *gasp* A WOMAN to run this country.

And, fortunately for these patriots, the idiotic manbaby of their choosing has been making such a laughable spectacle of himself every day that it actually distracts quite a lot from the very real horrors that are about to befall us as a nation, so of course they’re not thinking about the implications of this pesky, election-hacking business.

Regardless, today the Electoral College votes to confirm this pathetic windbag, and because no amount of wishful thinking is likely to change the outcome, the nightmare officially begins for all of us. My question is how quickly can this nightmare be over?


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