No Pain, No Gain

yoga-1883359_640 A week ago I finally dragged myself in for a long overdue doctor’s appointment to figure out why I’ve been having a lot of hip and shoulder pain during and after yoga. Hobble-around-for-days-like-a-crippled-old-woman level pain, in case you were wondering.

For months I’d been envisioning the worst, like them telling me I had deformities that would prevent me from ever getting in shape or keeping up with the yoga goddesses in my class. Why? Because apparently, I am both super dramatic and a little bit of a hypochondriac.

But, only a little bit, because as it turns out, it isn’t the worst case scenario (phew!). It isn’t the best case scenario either, however, proving I was right to ignore the naysayers (read: my mother and occasional adversary) and to finally finally seek help.

Life stressors have taken a toll on my body apparently, and the doctor believes I have some serious tendinitis. This shouldn’t be a surprise, really, with how crazy juggling work and editing the novel have been, and of course, all while our precious democracy is dangling by a thread and a madman is waving the scissors around. I’m sure lots of people have been developing stress-related issues of late.

But, what a difference a day makes! I cannot believe how much better I feel after a short stint on the anti-inflammatories. I actually feel like a human being again, complete with a functioning body and everything. It’s like all of a sudden I’m not thirty-something going on ninety. Who knew, right?

And, I’ve even noticed that I am profoundly less irritable since my poor neck and shoulders have gotten some relief. I might go as far as to say I feel downright carefree. Okay, scratch that. The novel’s still not done, so ‘carefree’ is going a bit overboard, but the point is, I feel like I’m reasonably able to tackle the shit show that is my personal and professional life with relative ease. It’s amazing, really. Who knew a bit of pain relief could make such a profound, life-changing difference?


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