Here’s Looking At You, Four-Eyes

eyeglass-2081454_1920I’ll admit I’m a bit of a quirky character; always have been, always will be.

And, that’s really working out well for me, because all of a sudden, it’s totally cool to be a weirdo. Who knew, right!?

I spent three months this winter looking for the perfect glasses frames. THREE MONTHS. I visited a dozen different providers and tried on hundreds of pairs of glasses. Why? Because, I had to find a pair of frames that would adequately show off my fun and quirky personality. And, when I finallThis is serious shit apparently.

And, I’m not alone in this. I have a coworker who dropped big bucks on the perfect frames, because once she tried them on she just had to have them. When oh when did glasses become so cool their the perfect accessories for our faces?

I don’t know the answer, but all I can say is it’s about damn time! You see, my eyes aren’t bad enough to warrant contacts, but they’re just bad enough that I should wear them for driving and other activities where seeing is generally important.


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