Speaking of National Pet Day . . .

IMG_0650Have I mentioned these two monstrous beasts of late?

Well, never fear – they’re still the loves of my life and the center of my universe, so all is right with the . . . err, nope. Can’t use that phrase anymore, can we?

In any case, despite the world getting crazier by the minute, my own little speck of dirt here is still very much the constant struggle between human servant and cat overlords.

The battle du jour happens to be over the flat screen television, and it has been raging for six long months now. Why? Because, one of these doofuses has decided he needs to be on top of it. At any cost. And, no matter what deterrents I inflict. Squirt gun? Doesn’t care, and I’m more likely to fry the electronics than anything else. Double-sided tape? Loves to chew on it. Cardboard boxes? Well, it turns out that they just add to the challenge and the fun. For awhile, the pasta boxes were doing the trick, because they were just rickety enough to throw him off balance, but in the end, he managed to find his way.

I’m telling you, there is no obstacle that this cat can’t surmount when he wants to annoy; somebody get him a damn medal. I tell him regularly that my only goal in life is to keep him alive from one day to the next, and yet he is determined to make that as challenging and nerve-racking as possible.

Most recently I’ve isolated the television, so there’s absolutely nothing within jumping distance for him. He’s done a lot of pacing and yowling at the damn thing, but he has yet to figure out how to claw his way back to the top. Soon enough, though. Soon enough.

Take even the most serious of dramas and add a touch of whimsy by incorporating screen-wobbling and fuzzy cat butt. Guaranteed to ruin every program!


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