Dating and Other Dilemmas

time-1007698_1280I’m back . . . and I have absolutely nothing to report. No alien baby, no ginormous lottery win. Sigh – such a letdown, I know. Err, at least regarding the lottery.

At the end of April I went to a local writers conference. I’m an extrovert by nature, but it was definitely somewhat nerve-racking to pitch to the literally agents in attendance and to network with established writers who just (seemingly effortlessly) ooze confidence and mastery of their craft. But, it was a great opportunity and it also prompted me to polish up my query letter and to start sending it out to prospective agents.

And, now I wait. But, since I’m no better than anybody else at waiting patiently and calmly for news, I decided I could fill up the empty hours with another activity I absolutely dread: online dating.

In theory this was perfect for a few reasons: 1) Nothing distracts like the excitement of new love, and 2) Nothing sucks more than finally finding a person you might actually be interested in only to have them say, “nope.” You see, this way I’d be getting all of the rejections (both writing and romantic) out of the way at once.

Except now I realize that this isn’t going to be about rejection. Or, well, at least not right away. There is no rushing either process, you see, and I’ll have no choice, but to patiently wade through both while keeping those little whispers of self-doubt at bay. And, because of that I’m wondering if it was a good idea to put myself out there twofold like this.

But, then I had a plan! Why not add yet another distraction to the mix, I ask you? And yep, because that’s not the most stressful thing I could do, I decided to take two and a half weeks off of work at the end of this month to write my second book. I only need to write about 5,000 words a day to get a complete first draft done, so yeah, that sounds both lofty and maybe feasible (although I’m pretty sure I’ll have nothing, but nubs left for fingers when I’m done). I do have an extensive outline going currently, if nothing else, because I am determined to bring my “plotser” A-game this time around.

In any case, I’m pretty sure this is insane, but at the same time, I can’t help, but to be so excited to take another step in my writing journey. And, on the chance someone is interested in my first manuscript, I’ll have made great strides towards writing a sequel, you know, just in case I need it!



2 thoughts on “Dating and Other Dilemmas

  1. I see this post was from a while ago…did you finish the draft? Have you heard back from any agents? How are things going?

    Rejection sucks (dating and writing). But maybe it makes it that much sweeter when you finally land a book deal? I’ll let you know if I ever land a book deal, lol.

    I’m with you in the slush pile wilderness. What’s your book about?

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    1. Hi Hazel! I wrote 75,000 words towards a rough draft on a follow-up manuscript, so I’m really close to having a second full manuscript completed (even if it will require a ton of editing still). I haven’t sent out more queries other than that original batch I sent to the agents I met at a conference. I had one request for more materials, which is awesome, but I’ve heard absolutely nothing from the rest of them. Have you experienced that? I thought I might get rejection letters from all but the one or two who specifically mentioned that they don’t send them, but it seems that nobody is sending them. And, I don’t know when or if to follow-up. In any case, I do need to dive into cold-querying now and be prepared to wait through the lengthy process. What about you? How are you handling it? I was thinking it might be best to send out two or three a week.


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