Liar, Liar

So it took me awhile to get here again, but I now remember very specifically why I don’t date anymore. It’s been another month, and in that time I’ve had the good fortune to meet not one, but TWO married men (LUCKY ME, RIGHT!!??). Men that I genuinely liked and thought were genuinely available and interested … More Liar, Liar

Model Behavior

Wow. Online dating sure is a shit show, isn’t it? I’ve been on the site a number of weeks now, and I have had to wade through a lot of bad, including not one, but THREE guys I met the last time I decided to venture into the hell fires of online dating. Here’s the … More Model Behavior

No Pain, No Gain

A week ago I finally dragged myself in for a long overdue doctor’s appointment to figure out why I’ve been having a lot of hip and shoulder pain during and after yoga. Hobble-around-for-days-like-a-crippled-old-woman level pain, in case you were wondering. For months I’d been envisioning the worst, like them telling me I had deformities that would … More No Pain, No Gain

Mother F*cking Girl Power

So, stating the obvious, I’ve yet to get a blog post up this month. I’ve been trying to focus my free time on finishing up my manuscript, which (both conveniently and terrifyingly) seems super relevant since the election. After all, what once seemed implausible, at best, in overall concept, now seems downright probable. And, in short order, nonetheless. … More Mother F*cking Girl Power


Well, there we have it – reports of evidence that our election was hijacked (in spectacular and yet-to-be-fully-disclosed fashion) by a foreign dictator. It’s not exactly unexpected, but what is stunning is the total lack of concern by so many *ahem* patriots. Don’t worry though. Presumably it’s just that their patriotism mandates supporting a FOREIGN DICTATOR’S STOOGE over *gasp* A … More Unpresidented

The Dilemma

There really is no way to begin this post other than to acknowledge that I’ve been off the grid since the day my country voted that man into office. You know the one I’m referring to. Since then it’s been an exhausting roller coaster of emotions each day – shock, horror, fury, confusion, helplessness. After … More The Dilemma

I’m Combining All The Holidays!

Today, I’m taking a certain orange political candidate’s lead, and proposing some extensive changes to our nation. For starters, Tuesday will no longer be just Election Day. Instead, we’re going to tack on a few applicable holidays from the previous weeks so we can celebrate them all while only sacrificing one frickin’ day in their honor. That’s … More I’m Combining All The Holidays!